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Basic information you need to know when using Cafe24 services to manage your online store

Store Setup

A few simple steps to build your online store with Cafe24.

Adjusting your settings - The first step to launching your online store

Are you registered with Cafe24 and all set to manage your online business?
Discover the basic tools that are offered by Cafe24 to operate your online store and
learn how to add your business details in a few simple steps.

FAQs about "Initial setup" Go to FAQs
01Discovering Cafe24's admin page

Cafe24's admin page allows you to set up information and features related to store management.
You can access the admin page by logging in with your Cafe24 ID.

Go to the admin page
1. Switching modes

Cafe24 provides two management modes.
While Smart Mode is a quick and easy way to manage your store, Pro Mode provides a varied range of detailed features.
You will notice that Smart Mode is the default setting when you first access the admin page.

You can switch between modes at anytime by simply clicking the toggle in the top left corner of the admin page to fit your management skills and needs.

2. Dashboard

The dashboard is the first page that appears when you access Cafe24's admin page.

[Smart Mode Dashboard]
[Pro Mode Dashboard]

View the current status of orders placed today in real time.
You can also check management data such as real-time sales data and account creations.

This convenient information helps you respond faster to store-related problems.

3. Features

You can manage settings by navigating the menu at the top of Admin.


Let's find out about the features of each menu.

My Store This menu has all the settings you need for store management.
Set up your store details, methods of payment, and shipping methods according to your management style.
Products Upload the products to sell and manage your inventory.
Orders Manage orders by status to confirm and process shipments.
In addition, you can get statistics based on purchase data to conveniently manage your store.
Customers Manage the information of customer accounts and use it for various promotional campaigns.
Themes (PC & Mobile) Change the theme of your store as you like.
You can conveniently manage themes for both desktop and mobile devices.
Promotions Manage different discount benefits as well as various promotions for your customers.

Refer to the guidelines for further information on relevant menus.

Go to guidelines on Smart Mode
Go to guidelines on Pro Mode
02Adjusting your store's general settings

Start by specifying the details for your store profile.
Keep in mind that your store profile is a key element in earning your customers' trust.

1. Store name

You need to name your online store before starting a business.
A name that is related to your product is highly recommended.

Using your store name on a logo that is displayed at the top of your online storefront or as your domain name could help increase brand awareness.
A good name can establish strong brand recognition among customers.

You can enter your store name by clicking on [Set up general information about your store] on the admin page's dashboard,or by going to [My Store > General > Store profile].

2. Store information

Enter the information required to run your store, including your customer support contacts, your email address, and business details.
The information will be displayed in the footer of your storefront and your Customer Support website.

You can enter your store information by clicking on [Set up general information about your store] on the admin page's dashboard, or by going to [My Store > General > Store profile]

3. Terms of Use

Note that you must draw up your Terms of Use with caution as they are related to legal obligations.
While customers must agree with your Terms of Use when they create an account, these terms must be displayed in the footer of your storefront at all times.
Note that you are required to specify your Terms of Use as customers should be able to check at anytime how their information is being used.

Cafe24 offers a standard template for the Terms of Use that can be applied to your online stores.
Make sure to change the store name in the template to your own store name.

You can enter your Terms of Use by going to [My Store > General > Terms of Use] in the admin page.

4. Payments

You need to add payment methods to set up a payment service.

Go to guide on payments

If you are just starting your online business, we recommend that you start by setting up an account for bank transfers and give it a try by placing an order through your store.
This method can be easily set up and used.

You can set up your account for bank transfers by going to [My Store > Payments > Bank account information] in the admin page.
Simply adding an account for bank transfers will allow customers to place orders.

Once you have completed the procedures above, you are all set to run your online store.
The next step is to customize your store to your desired style.