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Everything you need to know about domains and Cafe24's domain service

Store Setup

A few simple steps to build your online store with Cafe24.

Creating a domain that represents your store

Your domain name is your store's sign and address.
For this reason, it is crucial that you use a compelling domain name that reflects your store's identity.
Learn about the concept and advantages of a domain as well as Cafe24's domain service to create your own perfect domain name.

FAQs about "Domains" Go to FAQs

A domain is a website address that is one-of-a-kind.
It is created in accordance with the website's purpose and therefore reflects the name of the store, product, or brand.
Creating a catchy domain that suggests the website's content is most effective.

The best-case scenario is to register the domain name you want; however, since there cannot be more than one of each domain names, you need to check whether the name of your choice is available.

The advantages of creating your own domain are as follows:
  • It shortens your website link and makes it easy to remember.
  • It strengthens your customers' trust in your website.
  • It enhances customer awareness towards your store by suggesting the name of the store or product.
A domain name is typically made in the following format:
  • A combination of alphanumeric characters (e.g.
Types of domains
  1. gTLD: This is a type of domain that can be purchased by anyone (e.g. .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, etc.).
  2. ccTLD: This is a type of domain that is reserved for a country or a territory (e.g. .cc, .tv, .me, etc.).
02Cafe24's domain service

You can purchase and manage a domain with Cafe24 as follows.

Cafe24's domain service
Simultaneously manage
your store and domain
  • Manage your domain through the admin page
  • Prevent problems such as domain expiration
Use easy and convenient management tools
  • Conveniently manage your domains with a user-friendly tool
  • Use various domain features
Enjoy free services
  • Easily set up your domain with Cafe24's free name server
  • Move your domain to another website with our free forwarding service

To use a new domain, you can either purchase a new domain or use one you already have.
You can purchase and use a domain in [My Store > General > Domains] in the admin page.

Purchasing and using a new domain
Step 1Search for
a domain name
  • Search for the domain name of your choice (keyword).
  • Select a registrable domain type (.com, .net, etc.).
Step 2Apply for the domain
and enter details
  • Apply for the domain you selected.
  • Input domain details.
Step 3Pay the registration fee
  • Pay the domain registration fee.
Step 4Register and use
  • After making the payment, register your domain through the admin page.
  • It can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete the registration.
Step 5Manage and
renew your domain
  • Edit your domain details and name server.
  • Renew your domain before it expires.

※ Cafe24 sends you a notification email before your domain expires.

The purchased domain can only be used during the subscription period, which needs to be extended before expiration.
If your domain subscription expires without extension, you can no longer operate your website with that domain.
You need to ask for an extension within 30 days before expiration.
After 30 days from the expiration date, your domain will be queued for deletion and can only be extended through domain recovery.
The domain's expiration or recovery period varies according to the international time differences and the domain company's policy; thus, we recommend you extend your domain before the expiration date.

Cafe24's domain service
Domains available
for recovery
.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .cc, .tv
Recovery fee Extension fee per contract period (The fee varies by domain.)

If you have not purchased a new domain, you can still use Cafe24's standard domain, which is given for free with registration.

The standard domain format is "" or "" if you own multiple stores.

Domain examples
Cafe24 username:ecvietnam
  • Standard
  • Multiple store owner's

Refer to the guidelines for further information on domains.

Go to guidelines on domains
You should now have your domain ready for customer visits.
Next, you will need to set up payment methods so your customers can purchase products.