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Guide on how to create multiple stores, one for each target market, with a single Cafe24 account

Store Setup

A few simple steps to build your online store with Cafe24.

Entering the global market

Are you thinking of expanding your domestic business to the global market?
With Cafe24, you do not need to create a separate account for your global store.
Through our one-stop service, you can create a store for each country with your existing account.
Learn more about how to create and manage a global store.

01Building a global store

You can create up to 15 stores per username.
Use the [Multi-language store] menu in the admin page to create a new store.

Cafe24 allows you to create stores in eight different languages, including Vietnamese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.
You can select a default language when you create an additional store.

※ You can also select the same language as your default store.

You can set up your multi-language store in [My Store > Multi-language store > Settings] in the admin page.

Click [Add store] to create an additional store in the language of your choice.

Go to guidelines on multi-language store
02Using the admin page for multiple stores

You can access all your stores by logging in with your single Cafe24 username.
In the admin page, a store that offers multiple storefronts for different countries is called a "multi-language store."

Once you create a multi-language store, you will be able to select each created store in a drop-down menu on the left side of the admin page.


Click the store you wish to access and the admin page will display information relevant to that store while keeping you signed in.

03Managing products for each store

The products uploaded to your default store will automatically be uploaded to the additional stores.
Therefore, you do not need to upload your products again to each store you add.

To check if the products uploaded to your default store are also uploaded to your additional stores, access the admin page of the store you wish to check, then go to [Products > Products > Product list] in the admin page.
You will find a column called [Product name (store name)], which is not visible on your default store.
Select this column header in [Settings] at the top right of the table to check which products have been uploaded to the relevant store.


Click the product name to access the product's settings.
You can set them differently for each store.
For example, you can name the same product differently in each store.


You can modify the information of fields marked with a storefront icon according to the store you are currently managing.
You can set this information differently according to each store.


If there is no icon and you cannot change the setting.
This means that the setting is equally applied to all your stores.
For example, the production or release dates are common to all stores under your Cafe24 username.


To expand internationally, you need to readjust country-specific information such as domains, payment methods, and shipping methods.
This information can be set up in the same way as you did for your default store.

Go to guidelines on domains
Go to guidelines on payments
Go to guidelines on shipping
04Designing multiple stores

Cafe24 offers eight different themes for the eight languages it supports.
The alerts and interface will be translated in the relevant language for each store.

To add a theme, click [Add default theme] in [Themes (PC) OR Themes (mobile) > My themes > Saved themes] in the admin page.
You can then choose the default language you wish to use.


Once you have added the theme, you need to set it as the relevant store's main theme.
Setting a theme as a main theme means that it will be displayed when you access the relevant store's domain.
Select the theme you have added, select the store of your choice at the top of the list, then click [Set as a main theme].


Refer to the guidelines on saved themes for further information.

Go to guidelines on saved themes