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Guide on the different features you can use according to the nature of your store

Store Setup

A few simple steps to build your online store with Cafe24.

Setting up additional features according to your management style

Once you have completed the steps from initial settings to shipping, you are ready to open your online store.
However, there are various features that you can additionally set up according to your management style.
Take a look at the other features you could use.

01Creating an account-only store

This customer account feature prevents guests from shopping at your store.
Only account holders that are signed in are able to view products and place orders.

Use this feature to sell your products to a specific group of customers.

You can set up this feature in [Themes (PC) > Features > Splash page] in the admin page.
Once you activate the splash page and change the option to [Only for customer accounts], only customer account holders will be able to access your store.
Refer to the guidelines for further information.

Go to guidelines on splash page
02Changing the information required for creating an account

You may want to collect different information from account holders according to the types of product you sell.
Since the collected information can be utilized for marketing, you should set the required information to something relevant to your store's purpose.

To change the required information, go to [Customers > Signup/Deleted accounts > Account signup fields ] in the admin page.
Once you click and save the options you wish to use, the changes will automatically be reflected on your store's signup page.

Go to guidelines on account signup fields

In addition, you can enable a social login feature that will allow customers to easily sign up with their social media account without directly inputting information.
The social login feature enhances convenience and may in turn increase the number of created accounts.

You can set up the social login feature through [Promotions > Social media > Social login] in the admin page.
However, you will need to sign up for the social media you wish to link and set it up before enabling the feature. Refer to the guidelines for further information.

Go to guidelines on social login
03Adding multiple admin accounts

If you are running a large store, you can create multiple admin accounts for your staff to allow them to access the admin page.
Accounts created for staff are called "sub-admin accounts."
It is safer to use different accounts with different permissions for each feature than sharing one admin account.

Sub-admin accounts can be set up through [My Store > Store setup > Admin accounts > Settings] in the admin page.
You can grant specific permissions to sub-admin accounts for each feature depending on their assigned task. Refer to the guidelines for further information.

Go to guidelines on admin accounts