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Guide on adding different payment methods to ensure customer convenience and safety

Store Setup

A few simple steps to build your online store with Cafe24.

Adding safe and dependable payment methods

Providing various payment methods enhances convenience.
In turn, enhancing convenience helps you achieve profitability by having less customers leave your store at the checkout step.
Give your customers convenient and safe options with more payment methods!

01Payment gateway providers

The payment gateways you can use at Cafe24 are provided by VNPT Epay, Nganluong, and Momo.


VNPT Epay provides the most advanced e-payment module based on Korean payment gateway (PG) technology.
It offers excellent security technology and risk management processes for added stability.

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Nganluong has 30,000 partners in over 100 countries and is the most widely used payment gateway provider on e-commerce websites in Vietnam.
Nganluong provides a variety of payment solutions (ATM transfers, online banking, cash, e-wallet, QR code, etc.).

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Momo provides an e-wallet app for smartphones with iOS and Android systems.
It is Vietnam's first e-wallet service company that has been officially licensed.
Momo is the most popular mobile e-wallet company with approximately one million users, especially in younger generations.

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02Subscriptions and service fees

While subscription methods vary by provider, in general you directly enter a contract with the provider of the payment gateway you wish to use.
The service fee is determined according to the contract.

Directly contact the provider for further information on subscriptions.

Ngan Luong
03Using payment gateway services
Step 1.Subscribe to a payment gateway provider

Contact the payment gateway provider and select a subscription plan.
Refer to "2. Subscriptions and service fees" for more details on the subscription process.

Step 2.Enter the code issued by the provider

Once your contract with the provider comes into force, you need to enter the code issued by the provider in the admin page.
This process is called integration - the process through which the payment gateway is connected to your store.

Step 3.Add the payment method to the checkout page

After completing the integration process, you need to add the payment method to your store checkout page so that your customers can select a method when placing an order.
Refer to the guidelines for further information on adding payment methods.

Go to guidelines on adding payments methods
Once you have added various payment options for your customers,
you are ready to move on to setting up your shipping methods to ensure that products are safely delivered to customers.