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Tips on how to add products with compeling product descriptions and edit your layout on a regular basis

Store Setup

A few simple steps to build your online store with Cafe24.

Uploading the products you wish to sell

Your products are the most important asset of your online store.
Nonetheless, no matter how good your products are, you will find it difficult to boost sales if your product descriptions are poor and your product layouts are inefficient.
The key to product management is creating simple product descriptions and regularly updating your layouts.
Take a look into the following tips on how to upload and display your products.

FAQs about "Adding products" Go to FAQs
01Adding products

To sell a product, you need to add related information through the admin page.
You can either use quick settings or advanced settings to add your products.

To use the quick settings, go to [Products > Add product > Quick settings] in the admin page.
All you will need to enter is the product's name, price, description, and image.

Go to guidelines on quick settings

If you want to add more details, you can use the advanced settings. Go to [Products > Add product > Advanced settings] in the admin page.

Go to guidelines on advanced settings
02Tips on adding products that will boost sales

Top selling products have something special.
Use the uploading tips below to boost the sales of your products.

1. Choose a compelling product name.

Your product's name is as important as that of a person.
The product name influences the product's image and may even largely determine the number of purchases.

Tips on choosing a product name
  1. The product name should allow customers to easily understand the product's features.
  2. The product name should be concise and to the point so that customers can quickly find their desired product.
2. Minimize the file size of your product images.

The website speed is closely related to conversion rates.
Especially in the case of mobile users, customers expect a website to load within 2 seconds.
The conversion rates drop by 20% for every 1 additional second.

The biggest reason for slow website speed is large image file sizes.
Make sure to upload product images in the smallest file size you can get.

Tips on product detail images
  1. Reduce file size by uploading JPG or JPEG images instead of PNG or GIF files.
  2. Do not upload multiple images at once and try uploading them one by one instead.
  3. Upload whole, partial, and closeup pictures of the product and keep the total image count under 20.
3. Be precise and elaborate with product details pages.

Product details pages that are too exaggerated or short will weaken the customer's trust. Let your customers see both the product's advantages as well as related provisions.

Tips on product descriptions
  1. Elaborate on the product features and strengths.
  2. If you can use Photoshop, create a descriptive image to highlight the features and strengths.
  3. Include provisions related to purchases.
    Informing your customers about precautions will help you earn their loyalty rather than create a negative perception towards the product.
4. Display related products.

You can match the product with other items in the product images rather than only displaying the product.
Displaying related products makes customers wonder about other products in addition to the main product and helps raise sales.

Related items can be set as "related products" when adding a product.

Go to guidelines adding products
03Adjusting your product layouts

Once you have added your products, you must decide how you want to display them.
You can either choose to display it on your home page or in the page reserved for the relevant category.

1. Displaying products on the home page

You can display products on the home page where customers can easily find them.
Regularly changing the products displayed on the home page could give your customers an impression that your store is actively running.

In general, the home page includes "new arrivals" and "best sellers." You may also display featured products in a separately arranged section.

Display products on the home page by going to [Products > Products > Home Page Category Layout] in the admin page.
Select the category of your choice and add a product or change the layout of products within the category.


The "Best sellers" section usually includes top selling products based on product sales data.
The "New arrivals" section features recently added products based on the date.

2. Displaying products in categories

You can display products by category in the same way you did for the home page.

However, unlike home page categories, products can automatically be sorted in product categories.
You can sort products according to the date on which they were added, their popularity or views.
You can change relevant settings under [Product layout settings] in [Products > Categories > Product Categories] in the admin page.


The products will be automatically displayed according to the settings, allowing you to conveniently run your store.

Once you have set your product layouts, you are ready to begin promoting your store.
To promote your store, you need to create a domain name that reflects your brand image.