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Search Engine Optimization, a fundamental tool for online marketing

Store Setup

A few simple steps to build your online store with Cafe24.

Using Search Engine Optimization to advertise your store

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that helps your store to raise to the top of search results in search engines such as Google or Yahoo.
SEO can help your store land on the first page of search results with just a few simple keywords.
SEO is considered a highly effective means to draw many customers in online marketing.

01SEO must-knows

Here are a few tips you need to know when setting up SEO for the first time.

Website popularity

The website popularity increases if more people enter your website.
More web traffic means a higher rank in search results.
To increase web traffic, you have to make your website more noticeable.
Refer to the tips below to raise your website popularity.

1) Submit an online article

The search engines deem news and journalistic articles as credible and rank them higher on search results. Therefore, you should ask a reliable news website for press coverage on your store, and provide the necessary material.

2) Make your online store unique

Unique experiences are more memorable. Provide differentiated products and exclusive services to leave a strong impression on visitors and prompt their next visit.

3) Create helpful content

To promote your store's name, create various content that's helpful and enjoyable in addition to information related to product details and purchases.
Moreover, the content should include keywords that are trendy and related to shopping.

There are many ways to enhance your store popularity, but the most important way is to be patient and persistent.

Website credibility

There are 3 ways to build website credibility:

1) Display a security icon

Web hosts offer various security features such as SSL, which converts HTTP into HTTPS in the website address to indicate that the website is protected.
This way, you can certify that your website is safe.

2) Display a warranty

Display a warranty on the order and shipping pages that is clearly visible to customers.
This can increase your website credibility by helping customers feel safe about their orders and deliveries, knowing that they can be compensated in case of an accident.

3) Ask for referrals

Referrals may sound like something fancy; but in terms of website credibility, referrals mean reviews.
To be precise, referrals mean reviews written by customers.
The customers' trust in your website will increase if more customers mention your store on social media or leave many reviews.
Therefore, you can ask your friends to promote your website or host various events.


The domain is your store's sign and it will never change.
Therefore, you can improve your SEO by creating a memorable domain name.
Refer to the tips below to create an effective domain.

1) Make it compact

As names are hard to remember when they are long, your domain should be short and easy to pronounce.

2) Create a new word

Most words are already used as domains due to the long history of the internet.
So, try creating a new word that represents your store and use it as your domain name.

3) Use ".com"

The most popular domain format is ".com," which can be used worldwide.
Create a domain ending in ".com" if possible.


When creating or purchasing a domain, you want to avoid ones too similar to your rivals or other companies.
Moreover, you must make sure you do not infringe on anyone else's trademark.

Website structure and page optimization

To allow search engines to easily find your store and have it included in search results, you need to check if you have logically structured your store page.
Refer to the list below and check your store structure.

1) Use an H1 tag on all titles.

The H1 tag is usually used and recognized as a title. Therefore, the title, as a top section of your posting, should be made with the H1 tag only.

2) Keep the page title within 70 characters.

A title that has longer than 70 characters will be cut on search results.
It is important to keep the title short enough for customers to understand it at a glance and include keywords.

3) Keep the meta description within 150 characters.

The meta description is a description that appears on search results, explaining about your page.
It should include a specific and precise description, as well as keywords while keeping within the 150-character limit.

4) Use an image title and alt tag.

Search engines recognize images with alt tags.
In other words, the alt tag is used as the title of an image in terms of search results.
Your posting will be more likely to rank high when people search images or keywords if you use alt tags more similar to the content.

While there are many other ways to improve the visibility of your store, we recommend you follow these easy steps to begin with.

02Tips on writing SEO keywords

Refer to the tips below to write your SEO keywords and tags.

Good examples
  1. Write content that includes the keyword that you wish people will search on search engines.
  2. Set the keyword to be displayed as a meta tag.
  3. Make sure the keyword is placed at the beginning of your product name, description, etc.
  4. Include a keyword that best describes the page in the title tag. The page content should be specific.
  5. Expose your store and products to many websites so they can be displayed on more search results. For example, running a blog or social media account to promote your products and content could be useful.

On the other hand, you want to avoid the following:

Bad examples
  1. Repeating simple or meaningless keywords.
  2. Setting a meta tag keyword that is irrelevant to your website.
  3. Setting too many keywords or meta tags.
  4. Writing your content in a small font size or unreadable color.
03Admin's SEO features

Adding keyword tags to your store theme is very important.
Cafe24 offers a wide range of SEO features through its admin page.

Cafe24's SEO features
  • Title tags specific to the webpage
  • Site Map & RSS features
  • Meta tags specific to the webpage
  • Robots.txt editor
  • Canonical URLs specific to the webpage
  • Smartphone links to your store
  • Alt tags for product images
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Google Search Console

SEO can be managed in [My Store > Store setup > Search Engine Optimization] in the admin page.
You can set SEO keywords or have tags automatically inserted to your theme source.

Go to guidelines on Search Engine Optimization

You can use Google Search Console to optimize your performance in search results.
Add a simple meta tag to analyze Google's store search data and receive information for SEO.
To use the Search Analytics feature, you need to register your website with Google Search Console, then copy the site verification meta tag.

Google Search Console

To enter the meta tag provided by Google in the admin page, go to [My Store > Store setup > Search Engine Optimization] ,
then find the [Head tag source] section in the [Advanced settings] tab.

You have now finished the basic settings for your store.
Find out more on settings that vary by store management policy.