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Guide on the different shipping carriers that you can use with Cafe24 solutions to ensure that your products are delivered swiftly and safely

Store Setup

A few simple steps to build your online store with Cafe24.

Safely delivering products to customers

To customers, receiving the product is most probably the most exciting part of shopping.
Cautiously select a shipping carrier to ensure that orders are safely and swiftly delivered.
Get to know the shipping carriers you can select at Cafe24.

01Shipping carriers

Learn about the shipping carriers that are partnered with Cafe24.


GHTK specializes in e-commerce logistics and has 500 warehouses in Vietnam as well as over 8,000 drivers.
GHTK provides various services, including safe pick-ups and deliveries in addition to cash on delivery (COD) services.
GHTK is largely patronized by small businesses.

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VNPost has over 600 offices and 10 thousand drivers in Vietnam.
They service domestic shipping to all areas of Vietnam as well as international shipping.
VNPost is a state-owned shipping company that provides services in Vietnam.
If a valuable product gets damaged during shipping, VNPost compensates 100% of the loss.
VNPost is a member of Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the partner of successful Vietnamese and international companies including Vietnam Airlines, HSBC, AB Bank, and Jetstar Pacific.

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Ninja Van

Ninja Van covers all the areas of Southeast Asia and offers same-day delivery and quick delivery services.
Ninja Van has many drop-off points where customers can pick up their deliveries around Southeast Asia.
(For fragile items, customers can pick up packages in person.)
Thanks to these advantages, Ninja Van has a high customer satisfaction rate.

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02Subscriptions and service fees

While subscription methods vary by carrier, in general you directly enter a contract with the shipping carrier that offers the services you prefer.
The service fee is determined according to the contract.
Directly contact the carrier for further information on subscriptions.

Ninja Van
03Using shipping services
Step 1Check orders
through [Orders]

Once you have subscribed to shipping carrier, you may proceed with the shipping process.
You have to start by checking placed orders in [Orders].

Step 2Enter the invoice
number through [Orders]

Pack the ordered item, submit the shipment form to the shipping carrier, then get a tracking number issued by the carrier.
Enter the tracking number through [Orders] in the admin page.

Step 3Display the shipping status
on the customer's account

Once you enter the tracking number, your customer can view their order status at their account page on your storefront.
Refer to the guidelines on orders for further information.

Go to guidelines on orders

If you are working with another shipping carrier, you can register the company through the admin page to use their services. Refer to the link below for further information.

Once you have set up your shipping process, move onto Search Engine Optimization to attract more visitors.