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Tips and features recommended by industry

Tips by Industry

Take your business online with Cafe24.

What are you planning to sell?

Different strategies are needed depending on what you sell.
See if the product line you plan to sell is included in the categories listed below, and learn which strategies will help you most.

Fashion and Apparel

  • Mobile version More than 60% of purchases for fashion items are made via mobile devices.
    This makes making mobile stores available to customers all the more important in the apparel industry.
  • Diverse products on your home page Fashion trends quickly change every season.
    This is why you should regularly update your product layout to feature a diverse range of products on your home page.
  • Color swatches for product options Customers want to know the various options that come with a product at a glance.
    Display color swatches on your product details page to enhance customer convenience.
  • Compelling product images Eye-catching product images are one of the most integral elements of successful online stores.
    Varied products images that feature different angles, models, and details are a game-changing tool for fashion businesses.

Features for Fashion and Apparel

  • Mobile web stores A free mobile store is available along with the PC version. Settings :Settings
  • Banners Design your home page for mobile store with auto-rotating banner sliders. Settings :Settings
  • Home page display Select the categories you wish to display on your home page, and manage the layout of your home page products. Settings :Home page layout
  • Schedule product display Set the specific time and date for displaying your products during special promotions or seasonal events. Settings :Schedule product display
  • Color swatches Add color swatches to show available options for your product. Settings :Options
  • Icons and badges Add icons and badges to your product images to make specific products, such as products on sale or new products, stand out. Settings :Product image
  • Pricing by option Price your products differently by size, color, and style. Settings :Options/Inventory
  • Product information Select the information you wish to display about the product on your store website. Settings :Product data display
  • Inventory management Manage inventory at product or variant level. Settings :Manage inventory
  • Import products via CSV file Add mutiple products at once by uploading a CSV file that contains information about the products. Setting :Import via CSV
  • Product categories Create and manage categories such as outerwear, pants, and tops by grouping products with similar attributes. Settings :Product categories
  • Bundle offers Sell several products in a bundle. Settings :Bundles
  • Automated emails Send automated emails to notify your customers of various events such as shipping, order placement, and new signups. Settings :Automated emails