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Guide on how to start an online business regardless of budget at Cafe24

Starting Your Business

Learn how to open an online store.

Build a successful online store with Cafe24

Starting an online business can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be.
Cafe24 provides free e-commerce solutions with lifetime access to help all enthusiastic entrepreneurs grow their business, even with a small budget.

01Before getting started

Have you applied for a business license and got everything ready to start your store?
See if there's anything you missed on the checklist below.

Have you gone through the checklist? Move onto the next step.

02Starting an online store and accessing your admin at Cafe24

To get started, you need to sign up at Cafe24 to create an admin account first.

1. Getting started

Cafe24 offers you a free admin account.
You can use your admin account at no cost, except for some paid features such as additional payment options, and start an online store easily.

Get started with Cafe24
2. Accessing your admin

Enter your ID and password to access your admin.

Access your admin

Once you create a new store, basic e-commerce features are automatically set up.

  1. Your online store domain:
    You will receive a free domain formatted as ""
    Enter your ID to access the domain,where you can sell products at no cost.
03Testing basic features

Once you have created a store, basic features are set up.
Testing the basic features, you can get a quick understanding of how to use them and see how your online store is connected to your admin at a glance.

1. Signing up at your online store

You can see the signup page by accessing your domain and clicking on [Sign Up] on your online store.
Enter your information, including ID and password, to sign up.


When you have signed up, go to [Customers > Manage customers > Customer information] to check the information of your customer account.

2. Viewing sample products

Once you have created your store, you can see a couple of sample products displayed on the home page.


Go to [Products > Products > Product List] to view the sample products.
You can also click on the name of a sample product to view and edit the product information.

3. Buy a sample product on display

Click on a sample product on display and click on [Buy Now].
Enter shipping information and other details to buy the sample product.


※ Payments and orders may not be processed properly if there is no payment option set for your store.
If you have just started your online store, select [Bank deposit] for now and add more payment options later.
For bank deposit settings, go to [My store > Payment > Bank account information] on the admin page.

Once you completed the order, go to [Orders > Fulfillment (tab) > All orders] to retrieve the order.

04Building an online store

Now you are ready to build your own online store with all the basics you learned from the previous guides.

To build an online store, you need to choose a theme, upload products to sell and set up a domain, payment options, and shipping carriers.

You should also make it easier for customers to buy from your store with a user-friendly interface and adjust settings in a way that suits the products, theme, and operations of your store.
Learn more about basic settings for starting an online store from [Store Setup].

Go to guide on Store Setup