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Steps to expand your business globally and make higher profits

Starting Your Business

Learn how to open an online store.

Expand your online business

If you have grown your online business locally, it's time to take a step further toward higher profits.
Expand your business globally and sell on various online marketplaces with experience from your domestic market.

01Three steps to a successful online business

Success looks different for every business owner, but most would agree that the steps to business success involve creating new sales channels and going global.
Running an online business allows you to reach out to more potential customers anytime and anywhere and increase your customer base around the world.


Taking your online business global requires a lot of work, from creating a new account for an e-commerce solution to building a new store from scratch.
Cafe24 simplifies this whole process by allowing you to just add multi-language stores to your existing account with just a few clicks.
We also remove barriers to global ecommerce by providing you a range of features and services, from translation to payment options.

For more information about Cafe24's features and services, go to [Features].

Step 1. Target the domestic market

There are different approaches to building and running a successful online store in your local market.
Whichever approach you take, pushing your boundaries and learning constantly is a must both for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.
Keep learning from Café24 guides to build, launch, and grow a profitable online store.

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Step 2. Create new sales channels

When we say "expanding sales channels" in ecommerce, it often means uploading products on online marketplaces, such as Lazada.
Online market places help you to promote your store, sell products, and earn customers' trust with just a few tweaks.

Step 3. Expand your business globally

Going global involves more planning and research than starting a business.
Except for language barriers and cultural differences, however, the business plan for taking your online business global is similar to when you start your online store in your country.
Read more on [Business plan] if you plan to take your online business global.

Once you have added multi-language stores to your existing account, the settings of the default store are applied to the multi-language stores.
Change the settings if there is any feature or service you need in the country in which you operate your business.

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Cafe24 will keep you updated with the latest ecommerce trends
and provide the best services and solutions in the industry for your global success.