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Customer experience improvements that can be made by examining smaller details deemed unimportant.


Learn how to effectively promote your store and increase sales.

Increase your sales by fine-tuning these 4 sales boosting features.

High quality products, eye-catching advertisements, and customer discounts can all help increase sales.
But even the smallest of things can contribute towards higher sales.
Look over some of the smaller details that you had originally deemed unimportant, and you may find your sales figures rising from these small changes.

01Is the payment process easy and convenient?

There are many reasons as to why a customer may give up midway when purchasing a product—they may have a change of heart, or feel that it is too expensive.
These reasons are related to the customers’ preferences and their environment, and cannot be controlled by you.

However, it would be most unfortunate if a customer gives up midway during checkout because the payment process was too complicated.
Customers may feel that your checkout process is too tiresome and difficult if there are too many steps to complete, or there are too many fields to fill in.
For this reason, many potential customers may give up and leave your store entirely.
Furthermore, they will remember your store for this reason and avoid visiting in the future.

Simple payment process
  1. Allow customers to review their shopping cart at a quick glance. Customers may feel uneasy if they are not able to check what they are buying.
  2. Make the order process as brief as possible. Exclude fields that exist only for your reference, such as reasons for purchase.
  3. Ensure that the customer’s most recently used delivery address is saved and automatically loads when required the following time.
  4. Offer various payment methods.

Cafe24 provides store themes that include all of the above criteria for your store’s checkout page.

02Are you responding to customers in a timely manner?

Not only do you need to be quick when dealing with orders and deliveries, but also with customer inquiries.
It is important that you reply swiftly and courteously when operating your store.
You can respond to typical inquiries in the following ways.

For customers who are waiting on a sold out item, you should provide the restock date.

Try using the stock alert feature that notifies customers when an item has been restocked.

Go to guidelines on back-in-stock notifications

You should also send an apology email to customers waiting on deliveries that have been delayed.

03Do you offer smart discounts?

Implementing customer feedback is just as important as responding back to customer inquiries.
You can expect to receive customer feedback that range from positive to negative.

Positive feedback can help boost morale. But don't be disappointed if you receive negative feedback.
What you should really be afraid of is a lack of interest.
Any type of feedback, even negative, implies that the customer was interested in your store and may want you to improve.
Pay close attention to customer feedback and use it to improve your store.

Customers can leave a positive review on products they like, or leave a negative review on products they disliked.
By responding to customer reviews and leaving a comment, you can leave a positive impression on your willingness to improve.
This can also help build customer trust in your store.

Implementing customer feedback on your store will not only help your store grow, but also let customers feel that they are being heard and responded to.
This is crucial in converting reviews into actual fans of your store.
Remember to continue listening in to customer feedback so that you can maintain your customer base.