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Strategies to increase sales, from promotion all the way to sales.


Learn how to effectively promote your store and increase sales.

01Understanding your audience

Identifying your store’s target audience has a direct correlation to success.
Even the best stores aren't able to cater to everyone’s needs.
You must therefore focus your efforts on one specific market, and sell your products to customers within that market if your business is to be successful.

You must also understand who will want to buy your product.
You will need to look closely at their age, gender, preferences, and areas of interest on the internet.
By doing this, you can decide on your marketing direction and broaden the target.

Additionally, you need to determine the precise spending habits of your target audience so that you can sell your products more effectively.
Continue to use keywords and messages that persuade customers into making purchases.

If you have decided on which products to sell, you need to investigate what kind of customers will buy those product.
Likewise, if you have already decided on a target audience, you need to thoroughly assess what kind of products they are most likely to be interested in.

You can conduct a detailed customer/visitor analysis by using data for visitor access date, access time, and customer level.

More on store analysis
02Selecting a core product exclusive to your store.

Getting all of your products to sell well is extremely difficult.
It is therefore important to create a strategy and decide which of your products you will sell as your store’s core product to help increase sales.
It is highly recommended that you display your core product on your store’s home page and/or banner.

As the core product is integral for success, finding the right product is naturally difficult.
Check the list below to see if your product fits the criteria.

Criteria for selecting a core product
1) Markup

Markup is the difference between a product’s selling price and its cost, and therefore used to determine a product’s retail price.
To generate profit, you must ensure that you have consistent returns from selling your products after deducting all of the associated costs and other related expenses.
You should also conduct research on your core product’s product group so that you can determine a price point where customers are willing to purchase your product while still allowing you to generate a profit.

2) Seasonality and trends

If a product’s demand is affected by the changing seasons, it may be difficult to maintain a stable profit.
Ideally, you want to sell a product that does not seasonally fluctuate in its demand. However, if you wish to sell a seasonal product, you should prepare a strategy to ensure an all-year-round profit.
If a product is sensitive to trends that change quickly, the turnover and cost of entering and maintaining your position in the market may become financially burdensome.

3) Competitive advantage

You can find competitors even inside a niche market.
And if there is a large number of competitors within a niche market, it is likely to have big potential for growth.
In order to stay head of the competition, you should prepare a branding and marketing strategy to attract customers.
In addition, if your product can be bought easily offline, you must offer something greater in return so as to persuade them to buy it on your online store.
You can build your competitive advantage through better quality products or lower pricing.

4) Target audience

Aim for a target audience with a high probability of purchasing your products.
You should also utilize a shopping environment that is suitable for your target audience’s purchasing power and shopping style.

5) Regularly purchased products

Consider whether your product is a regularly purchased consumer good.
In the case of a consumer good, you can utilize a delivery subscription service to ensure that you have regular customers.

It is important that you make full use of your store’s main banner and display section when promoting your core product.

03Utilizing the main banner

Visitors will spend an average of 6-7 seconds at an online store.
It is therefore important that you convert your visitors into customers as soon as possible by drawing their attention.

An effective way of drawing a customer’s attention is by utilizing the banner on your store’s home page.
From just looking at your banner, visitors will instantly decide whether to stay or leave your store.

1. Displaying imagery exclusive to your store

Depending on the product being sold and its sales concept, you can alter the atmosphere of your store.
For example, you can select a cute, simple, or flashy concept to complement your store’s products.
By using imagery that complements your store’s products and concept, you can naturally convey the store’s atmosphere and products to your customers.

2. Notifying customers about events

It is recommended that you notify customers about promotions at your store.
If there is a sale at your store, you can draw attention by displaying the discount rate and sale period.

3. Promoting a core product for the season

Focusing on a new product that draws in customer attention can help generate interest and additional orders.
If you have a product that you wish to promote for the current season, use the main banner to let customers know.

04Explore various promotion strategies

Implementing various promotional strategies is key to generating new customer interest in your products and turning them into regular customers.
Try using promotion techniques that reward new and existing customers according to their traits and shopping habits.

For example, you can offer discounts for a set period of time to draw attention of many customers.
By doing this, you can quickly get rid of any unwanted stock.
You can also provide discount coupons to new customers who are interested in your store, which will then lead to actual purchases.

Refer to the list below to learn more about Cafe24's promotion features.

Cafe24's promotion features
1) Discount coupons

Discount coupons can be provided during particular events such as account registration, birthdays, product reviews, or first purchase.

2) Check-in events

Points or coupons can be rewarded for signing in, receiving an attendance stamp, or checking in.

3) Reward programs

Reward points can be rewarded to customers who refer their friends and also to new registrant themselves.

Refer to the manual for further guidance on various promotion features.

Go to manual on promotions
05Expanding sales channels

There are many ways to promote your online store.
One method that can help you promote and sell your products at the same time is by utilizing other online marketplaces beyond your own store.

Typically, when ecommerce businesses enter into an online marketplace platform, they can only sell their products at that particular marketplace.
But with Cafe24, you can sync your store to multiple marketplaces all at once, therefore expanding your sales channels considerably.

Use Cafe24 Market Plus to sync your store with various marketplaces.
Products added to your store are automatically transferred to each marketplace without having to manually add each product again.
Any modifications made to products registered on your store will also be applied to items displayed in marketplaces linked to your account.

For smaller stores in particular, exposing your store through large online marketplaces is an effective way to build trust in your products, attract customers, and promote your store.

To use this service, register with Market Plus.
Click on the button below to view more details under [Marketplace] on the admin page.

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