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Introduction to the free, yet numerous features and services offered by Cafe24

The best way to reach 7 billion customers
across the world

Cafe24 is the perfect partner for your successful global online business

Create an online store for free

Cafe24 Features for Global Success

  • Global operations
    made easy
    Create your online store in up to
    8 languages under
    a single username
  • Boost your
    sales growth
    Ecommerce solutions based on big data
    for increasing global sales
  • Build business
    Reliable services with
    zero initial cost or monthly fees
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Everything You Need to Start and
Grow Your Online Business

We provide a platform that can maximize your sales.

  • Unlimited products
    Sell an unlimited number of products
    in all industries, including fashion, food,
    or home and interior, for free.
  • Processing orders in bulk
    Easily manage cancellations,
    exchanges, returns, and refunds;
    either per order or in bulk.
  • Customizable themes
    Use our trendy HTML themes for free
    and customize them to suit
    your own unique storefront.
  • Customer management and marketing
    Utilize our proactive customer management
    and marketing features to increase returning customers.
  • Market Plus
    Sync your products to different marketplaces
    and expand your sales channels
    with our efficient management solutions.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Tweak a few keyword settings for your store
    to apear at the top of search engine results.
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    Faster and easier store management
    with Smart Mode
    Select from two different modes to suit your management style:
    Smart Mode for a simplified version or Advanced Mode for the full range of features.
    You can switch between modes at any time with a single click
    while retaining all your data and settings.
    More on Smart Mode
  • Edibot services provide the easiest way to
    design your store
    Quickly create and manage themes from store templates to banners,
    whether or not you have any development experience.
    Even beginners can learn how to design with just a few clicks and drags.
    Let Edibot services produce quality themes for you in minimal time.
    Try out now.
    More on Edibot services
    Offer smart product search and
    display with Shopping Curation
    Enhance your customers' browsing experience
    by providing customized product search and display.
    Increase your sales with smart product search and display.
    Check out Shopping Curation today.
    More on Shopping Curation
  • Find the best theme for your online store
    Gain access to trendy and modern themes for your storefront.
    Optimized for both PC and mobile,
    these themes will take your online store quality to the next level.
    Our theme editing features include Edibot Themes and Smart Themes.
    You can select your preferred service to create
    an online store that best reflects your unique style.
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    Improve productivity by adding different apps
    Increasing efficiency has never been easier.
    We provide essential apps that help you maximize
    sales growth, efficiency, and customer convenience.
    Keep up with fast-paced online shopping trends through
    free and paid apps released daily on the Cafe24 Store.
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Global Expansion for All Industries

Is Your Global Ecommerce Partner

Cafe24 can help you succeed in both domestic and international market.

  • Getting started
    Don't miss out
    on important tips and steps
    before creating your online store.
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  • Online Store Setup
    A step-by-step guide is provided
    for people with no experience
    with Cafe24 solutions.
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  • Marketing and sales growth
    Cafe24 will help you
    promote your store and increase sales.
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Launch your global ecommerce brand
with Cafe24 today
Our solutions may be free, but our features are extremely diverse and powerful.
No trial needed-simply create your store just like that!
Start now with Cafe24.
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