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Reasons why Cafe24 is the best platform to start an online business


Cafe24 has rich experience and powerful features to help your business succeed.

Why Is Cafe24 the Best Platform to Start an Online Business?

Here are the reasons why we can lead your store to success.

Features optimized to
increase sales

From essential management tools to various promotional features,
Cafe24 solutions are easy to use and can be optimized for various store types.

More on Solutions
  • Unlimited products
  • Processing orders in bulk
  • Customer management and
  • Search Engine Optimization

A one-stop solution for global market

Already successful in the domestic market? It is now time to expand globally.
Cafe24 makes it faster and easier for you
to take your business across the globe.
You can create online stores in
up to 8 languages under a single username.
No need to add products for each store;
manage all multi-language stores in a single Cafe24 admin.

※ Languages:
Vietnamese, Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),
Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese

More on Selling globally

A reliable business
infrastructure built upon
advanced technology

From web traffic and server management to
system monitoring and backups, Cafe24 provides
various technologies necessary for smooth operation.
The stability of the server is guaranteed by
a reliable infrastructure that can handle bulk orders
and heavy web traffic.

  • System monitoring
  • Server rack
  • Domestic web traffic
  • International web traffic
  • Security equipment
  • System backups
  • Server

Use the best ecommerce platform for entirely free

Compared to other ecommerce solutions, Cafe24 provides more powerful, competitive, and diverse features yet, for free for life.

Use the best ecommerce platform for entirely free
Solutions Cafe24 Solution A Solution B
Business website Online store website Advanced website Omnichannel WEB Omnichannel
Price Monthly fees Free VND 500,000 VND 600,000 VND 1,000,000 VND 2,000,000 VND 299,000 VND 599,000
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Why does Cafe24 insist on offering best services for free for life?

If revenue was our only goal, we could start charging for our services.
However, Cafe24 remains true to its mission: to enable any and all passionate individuals
to start and grow their own brand with no financial restrictions.

Create your store in under 5 minutes

So you've made a tough decision to start an online store. With Cafe24, you're in safe hands!
You'll receive a free domain immediately after creating an account
and your store will be open for business as soon as you complete the initial settings.
With our 20 years of know-how, we'll provide step-by-step instructions
to help you start and manage your store at ease.
Get started right away!

  1. Step 1. Getting started

    Start for free, with zero initial cost or monthly fees!
    Enjoy unlimited traffic and image storage
    and sell an unlimited number of products with Cafe24.

  2. Step 2. Initial settings

    You will have a free domain immediately after creating an account.
    Use quick and easy settings in Smart Mode
    to set up your store and get ready.

  3. Step 3. Designing your storefront

    Choose your theme from a wide range of selection.
    Edit themes with HTML or simply use the drag-and-drop store builder
    to customize themes to find your own look and style.

  4. Step 4. Advanced settings

    We offer a wide range of features including payments, shipping, and promotions.

  5. Done!